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Interested in writing for The Identity Project?

We would love to hear from you! 
But there are a few things you should know first.

Our mission is to edify the security and strength of women everywhere in Jesus Christ. Our primary audience is women ages 18-30 (although we do have readers of every generation). Our content finds its foundation in Scripture and uses stories, teaching and prayer. We love talking about some aspect of our identity as women made new in Christ.

Sound intriguing?

Then submit your guest post, using the following guidelines:
ONE: 350-900 words
TWO: Align your writing to the mission statement, primary audience and content.
THREE: Edit your content.
FOUR: Submit only original work, nothing borrowed or copied. 
FIVE: Email to with the title in the subject line.

Please know that a response is privy to the amount of submissions we receive, as well as whether or not the submission is aligned with the mission of the blog. 

Ready, set, write!

How else can you get involved?

Follow us on Twitter. Like us on Facebook. Share the blog posts with your friends and family. Leave your comments. Decorate your site with a button. Pray for us. 

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