Thursday, April 17, 2014

Five Maundy Thursday Thoughts

I know I said the blog would be quiet until the Monday after Easter, but I could not resist sharing with you some thoughts from Luke 22. These jumped out at me so clearly this morning, and I pray they will be of help to you as you meditate on Christ's journey to the cross today.
Luke 22:2 - The chief priests and the scribes feared man and the power and opinion of the crowds. These men looked to save themselves, crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ as a result.

In what ways am I rebelling against the Risen Lord Jesus in order to maintain control and power over my own life? Am I seeking to save my life, instead of losing it for the sake of Christ?

Luke 22:6 - Judas sought to betray Christ "in the absence of a crowd." He feared the repercussions of betraying Christ and sought to protect his own reputation. Little did Judas realize, though he could escape the crowds to betray the Lord in the garden, God saw everything.

What sins am I facing in the darkness of my own heart? How does the knowledge that nothing is hidden from God encourage me to confess and repent? 

Luke 22:13 - Peter and John find the upper room "just as [Jesus] had told them." This is yet another reminder that Christ is worthy of our trust and obedience. What God wills, He sees through to completion. This included the suffering, death and resurrection of His Son.

What do I need to trust Jesus with today? How do His sufferings, death and rising encourage me in trusting God's will? 

Luke 22:14-22 - How Jesus faced the road to Calvary is with resolute determination and thanksgiving to the Father.

How does Christ's example teach me to face trials today? 

Luke 22:24-30 - The disciples got distracted from Christ's purpose in suffering. They sought selfish ambition and set their minds on earthly value systems. In essence they said, "To be with you, Jesus, isn't enough - I want such and such benefits in addition to You."

Is Christ sufficient for me? Or do I get distracted by other ambitions, or desire the good gifts of God over knowing God, himself?

May the reality of the wonderful cross strengthen you to trust the Savior more today, as you seek to surrender your lives to His loving rule.

Have a blessed Easter! He is risen, indeed.

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