Monday, November 4, 2013

What Will Your Answer Be?

By Kristen Leigh Evensen
Who knew a trip to the bathroom could challenge a person's faith?
Let me explain: As I washed my hands the other day in the washroom at work, a tiny little voice from a nearby stall whimpered to his mother. At first, I could not tell what the two were talking about, but soon it became clear: the little guy was terrified of the automatic flush on the toilet! And he was pleading with his mother to make it stop. Because of this, the poor child refused to take care of business so the two of them could continue on with their day.

I heard the mom say eventually, "Honey, you have to finish up so we can go. I will not let anything happen to you. I will not let the scary sound you trust me?" 

My heart melted when I heard the precious, shaky voice reply, "Yes." And lo and behold, all was well in the bathroom...

I wonder how often we walk through our days terrified, unsure of the challenges surrounding us, defeated by the hardships that befall us in this imperfect world. All the while, our Heavenly Father, the ruler of heaven and earth, sits on His throne and lavishes His loving grace on us, saying, "My child, I am with you wherever you go. Do you trust me?"

How easy it is to forget that the promise of the cross sealed forever our relationship with the Father. He will never leave us or forsake us! And because of this reality, no matter what storms rage around us, we have hope--true, unshakable hope. We hope in His once-for-all atoning sacrifice then, His constant presence now, and His glorious coming in the future.

Our hope is not, "Oh, gee, I sure hope that happens..." No, it is, "In my heart of hearts, I know for certain who my Savior is, who I am in Christ, and what a glorious destiny awaits all who believe in Him!" This is confident, blessed assurance that cannot be shaken, though the winds may blow violently and the mountains shake, though the oceans roar and the waters rise. No, we worship the Rock and Redeemer, the Strong Tower and Fortress, the One who was, and is, and is to come.

We hope in Hope, in the person of Jesus Christ.

What are you facing today that seems like too much to bear? In Christ, you are not alone. In Christ, the One who suffered for you suffers with you, because He experienced pain in all its fullness when He walked the earth, was scorned and hung on a tree. And He knew the incomparable riches of eternal glory when He rose again! His love and compassion for you never fails, and so He challenges you, "My child, do you trust Me?" 

What will your answer be? 

Awesome, Holy Father, Thank You that in Christ we rest securely in Your eternal grip. Even now, we proclaim Your nearness and we worship You for Your loving kindness and faithfulness. Strengthen us to trust You more each day, and do a deeper work in us through the trials. Help us to know You better through it all.


Is there a specific area of your life that He is asking you to turn over to Him in trust?

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