Monday, December 17, 2012

Identity Embrace: Prayer for CT

By Kristen Leigh Evensen
Please pray with us, as families of CT victims gather today to honor the lives of their children and family members.
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Sovereign God Above,

Not one sparrow falls from the sky without You knowing. Not one hair on our very heads goes without being counted by You. You are that all-knowing, and You care for us that much. We cannot even begin to understand the pain that these people are experiencing right now--so we rest in the fact that You do. You felt it on the Cross. You felt it when Your very own people scorned You, rejected You, and killed You...the Mighty I Am. Nothing escapes Your understanding. You became broken for them--for us--so that we would never again be alone or without hope.

Fill these precious people with hope today, Father of all Hope. Fill them with comfort, and comfort them through the gentle touch of other people who can hem them in and cradle them. God, we know that You alone are God, that Your ways are inscrutable and higher than ours. We cannot even begin to understand the way that pain works...except to know that Jesus delivered us from it and overcame death, itself. Your Sovereignty and your all-knowing, all-loving character is enough for us, for we trust that You have our good in mind, even when we cannot understand it.

"Comfort, comfort Your people" today, Lord. Wrap them in your arms, envelop them in Your love and peace. May You, the God of all, be glorified through the loss, as painful as it is. Would you set Yourself constantly above us, before us, and follow us up from behind. Would you make Yourself present in the minds and hearts of each family member today, as a reminder that this is not their home, and that they have Future Glory to look forward to, when every tear will be wiped away.

We love You and praise You even in the storms.


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