Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday's Featured: A Leadership Must-Read

Are you seeking to serve, or to be served?

Quite the humbling thought.

This question forms the basis for the book Lead Like Jesus, co-written by authors Ken Blanchard (wrote The One Minute Manager) and Phil Hodges. Whether you are engaged in family dynamics, hustling around the workplace, or interested in deepening your friendships, this book is all about redefining the meaning of "leadership"--using Jesus as our example.

When we examine the gospels, we find the ideal example of a servant leader in the person of Christ. From calling out the strengths from within his disciples, to challenging unbelievers to belief, to submitting to the Father's will for our sake, Jesus knew how to sacrificially lead others. 

True leadership begins with the Father. Knowing Him personally and seeking His face are the only methods to be truly transformed into people whose hearts are solely for serving others through leadership.

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, then you may want to read this book:

ONE: How do I lead so that people will listen and, in turn, serve?

TWO: How do I, as a leader, promote the success of my employees and company (or perhaps my family members)?

THREE: How do I lead in a way that encourages positive results, in my company or in my relationships?

I highly recommend Lead Like Jesus to anyone involved in relationships of any kind, as well as to those engaged in an organizational atmosphere...

...and that's pretty much all of us.

Take a read. You will be challenged to your core, as well as highly motivated to know the Greatest Leader more personally. What better example do we have?

Have you read any other books on leadership that are worth reading?  

[Lead Like Jesus is an entire movement! Check out the website here.]

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