Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday's Featured: Just DO Something! [Guest Post]

[The wonderful Julie Gernand joins us today, writing our featured post of the week!]

Is GOD’S WILL Really Such a MYSTERY?

In the Bible study that I attend through my church, we are currently reading the book “Just Do Something”, by Pastor Kevin DeYoung.

I have found it to be quite an eye-opening read.

I am one of those people whose thoughts have often been as follows:
-Does God really like that I went to Illinois Wesleyan University and not Millikin University?
-Does he really think my fiancée is the true ONE for me?
-Does he really want me to use my theatre and English degrees, or should I go back to school?

Kevin DeYoung points out that so many of us have this idea of God’s will: That it is like a maze we must follow, or a bull’s eye we have to hit exactly on the mark.

Consider this: We are overthinking.

One of my favorite quotes from DeYoung’s book is as follows:
“We may have the best of intentions in trying to discern God’s will, but we should really stop putting ourselves through the misery of overspiritualizing every decision. Our misdirected piety makes God more mysterious than it was meant to be.” (p.28, Just Do Something)

Instead of asking ourselves and God what our college major should be or what person to marry, perhaps we should be asking God:
-Do I choose to use my talents to glorify You each day?
-Am I striving to be more Christlike in my daily activites?
-Am I rejoicing, praying, and loving You through each decision I make?

Does this make sense?

To further flesh it out, DeYoung states:
“God’s way is not to show us what tomorrow looks like or even to tell us what decisions we should make tomorrow. That’s not His way because that’s not the way of faith. God’s way is to tell us that He knows tomorrow, He cares for us, and therefore, we should not worry.” (p.57)

Got it? Stop your worrying!! God KNOWS your tomorrow. HE KNOWS!! And he will guide you though it!!

This is not the easiest thing to digest for all of us perfectionists out here. We often worry so much about pleasing God perfectly, or that something we choose to do isn’t on God’s checklist of events for your life.

Don’t get me wrong. It is my belief that the Lord wants us to speak to him about what we choose to do, for that is part of our relationship with the Lord though consistent prayer. However, perhaps we should worry less about WHAT we do and seek more wisdom about HOW we do it - with a trusting heart full of love for the Lord who guides our steps.

So, just do something. Get out there and make decisions. Choose a school. Marry someone. Apply for a new job. Get a new pet. Adopt a child.

But do it with a heart trusting that God will use you in where you are and what you do. He WILL!

“Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you” – 1 Thess. 5:16-18

For further information on this topic, please check out author Kevin DeYoung’s website, including a link on how to buy his book!

What decision right now is God prompting you to trust Him with making?

[Authored by Julie Gernand]

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