Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Tuesday's Featured: An Interview with Kylie Bisutti

Kylie Bisutti is walking the talk.  

Courtesy of kyliebisutti.com

She also used to walk the runway as a Victoria's Secret model, winning the "Victoria's Secret Angel" search competition at age 19.

Soon, however, the Lord convicted Kylie that her beauty ran much deeper than her looks.  She made a life-changing and world-opposing decision to stop modeling in contexts that exposed too much of her body--both to the glorify the Lord and her husband.

We say AMEN, Kylie!  Read the story of Kylie's heart-change here.

I talked with Kylie, and she offered to answer a few questions for us!  

Tell us a bit of your story.  When did you realize that God was pursuing your heart?

I was never convicted about modeling half-naked or in very immodest clothing until after I won the 2009 Victoria's Secret angel competition.  It was after that that the Lord started tugging on my heart and slowly changing my heart and desires.  He totally transformed my way of thinking and showed me that I was not being a Godly woman with the way I was presenting my body!  He showed me that He forgave me and that I could stop doing these things and start doing what is right before him!

What passage or verse is currently influencing your walk with God? 

Proverbs 31 really influences my everyday life.  I truly desire to be honoring to my husband and the Lord and my desire is to be a wife like Proverbs 31 talks of.

Has your identity struggled as a result of pressures from the entertainment business?

My identity definitely struggled.  For so many years, I found my identity and success in my outer appearance.  Now the Lord is showing me how to find confidence in Him!

Complete the phrase: Jesus is my love, my savior, my example.  I am lost without him.

What insight would you offer to girls regarding their self-image and beauty?

Girls, please don't be influenced by the media and society.  What you see in magazines isn't always real!  True beauty comes from the heart and from loving and honoring the Lord!  That is where you find true happiness! 

Thank you so much, Kylie, for these insights and for holding fast to your convictions...you inspire!  

Check out Kylie's website here, and follow her on Twitter!

What are your thoughts on inner versus outer beauty?  Any words for Kylie?

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