Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Outpourings: Here I Am, Part II

"Speak, your servant is listening."

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Samuel spoke these words after being called by the Lord for the third time.  On Monday, we looked at some characteristics of God's calling, as told to us in 1 Samuel 3.

Read the last part of the story here.  

We next learn that Samuel opens himself to hear God speak to him, and God has some unfortunate news regarding the disrespectful sons of Eli.  Naturally, Samuel is afraid to say anything to his teacher--wouldn't you be?  I would not want to be the carrier of bad news.

Three major points stand out in this last part of Samuel's calling by God:

ONE: What God reveals is a responsibility.  Just as God told Samuel some heavy truth about Eli and Israel, what we receive from God will be of important weight.  Whether He speaks to your spirit about what school to attend, what people to spend your time with, or how to gently hold a dear one accountable--He asks us to be obedient.

TWO: When God reveals, He equips.  God placed a responsibility upon Samuel, after the boy opened his heart and mind to receive.  We are told, "...the Lord was with him, and everything Samuel said proved to be reliable" (v. 19).  If the Lord is prodding you in a certain direction, or giving you a heart command, He will equip you for the task.

THREE:  Serving God is not knowing God.  We are told in the opening verses of the story that Samuel was "serving the Lord by assisting Eli".  Yet, moments later, we are told that "Samuel did not yet know the Lord" (v. 7).  This dynamic proves that it is entirely possible to "do" the Lord's work, to serve Him, yet never to truly know Him or listen to His voice.

May today's outpouring be that we choose to receive whatever God may be trying to reveal or say, and then move forward with confidence that when God reveals, He equips!

Which of these points stands out to you?  What does it truly mean to know God?

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