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Tuesday's Featured: Interview[s] on Ministry

Thinking about ministry as a career?

Meet Elizabeth, Kelly and Rachel: Three very fine, beautiful ladies whom I am proud to call my friends.  Each one has sensed God's call to ministry.  They were willing to share with me some insight about their backgrounds, passions and ministry work.  If you, yourself, are thinking of getting involved in ministry, take a read and be encouraged!  These gals have firsthand experience.




What organization or ministry are you working for?

ElizabethI work for a ministry of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) called Here's Life Inner City (HLIC).  We work with churches and ministries throughout the city to meet the needs of the poor and to share Christ.  

KellyI work for FOCUS, which stands for the Fellowship of Catholic University Students, and I love it!

Rachel I work for FOCUS (the Fellowship of Catholic University Students).

What is your education?  Ministry background?

ElizabethI have Bachelor of Arts with a major in Sociology and a minor in Business.  I started getting involved with campus ministry as a college student when I attended Cru's weekly meeting and bible studies.  From there, I ended up going on a Cru summer project (mission trip) to NYC after I graduated college.  I started serving in my hometown with an urban ministry, but then moved to serve with HLIC a year and a half after I graduated college. 

KellyI have a bachelors in Accounting, and I am actually just starting to pursue a masters in theology through a distance education program.

RachelI received my Bachelor's degree from Illinois Wesleyan University studying history and secondary education. For four years during college I was involved with a student led ministry called D.R.L. (Death. Resurrection. Life.)

Tell us about your duties and responsibilities.

ElizabethI have quite a bit of responsibilities.  I help moderate our online platforms: our website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.  I communicate and organize volunteers for events and for occasional volunteer needs.  I also work with short-term missions for college students specifically, spring break and summer trips to serve in the city.  I spend some time working with our adult programs, which work with churches to help adults learn life skills and job skills.  These are some of my major roles.  

KellyI work as a Program Director in the southeast region. Basically, what that means is I do anything that will help out my regional director and the missionaries at the 7 schools we serve. This involves administrative work, working with hiring new missionaries, and do things to let our missionaries know how much they matter like birthday cards and care packages. Each day looks different from the next, and it's great!

RachelMy responsibilities include leading Bible studies, leading girls in discipleship, and basically being radically available to college students. As a FOCUS missionary, I am there to help others grow in their faith in Christ. College can often be a time of running from one's faith and I am there to encourage others to seek their true happiness and fulfillment in God. My ministry work also includes attending Mass and doing an hour of prayer everyday which I love!

What is the most rewarding part of working in ministry? 

Elizabeth If I get to the core of it, spreading Christ's love and grace.  When I am totally focused on the cause, I know what they need is Jesus.  We get to show this to them by meeting needs and investing in them.  

KellyIt would be hearing the stories of students who have turned their lives over to Christ. To know that God has a plan for each of us involved in the mission to help introduce students to the person of Jesus.

RachelThus far, the most rewarding part of my job is knowing that God is going to use me to lead others to Him. The transformations that take place when students clings to their faith in Christ are incredible.

What is the toughest challenge?

ElizabethWow, it is difficult to narrow it to one thing.  Sometimes, it is the stress of the "to do" list; other times it is the weight of knowing you cannot reach everyone.  I don't know.  Perhaps, it is to trust God with the process and the things you are called to do. 

KellyFor me, it would be being far away from friends and family. Because of working in the office, I don't have the same team environment that many of the missionaries who work on campus have. However, on the other side of that, I am so blessed to be able to have relationships with the missionaries that I serve.

RachelThe toughest challenge so far, honestly, has been keeping my pride in check. Sometimes its tough to remember that you have to rely on God so completely for everything. At times it can make me feel helpless but then I remember who better than God to make wonderful things happen with His children. 

What wisdom do you have for someone considering ministry as their vocation and calling?

Elizabeth I would spend a lot of time in prayer and the word.  Find friends and/or family who have a deep desire to follow Christ who you can seek counsel from, entrust them with your desire to serve.  Ask them to pray for you.  Allow yourself to really spend time considering it, but mostly allow the Holy Spirit to lead!     

KellyPray. Pray. Pray. The most important part of ministry is to be rooted in Christ, and this is the only way that you are going to be growing in your relationship with Him. At the same time, it can sometimes be the hardest routine to establish, but you can't give what you don't have. You have to be getting to know Jesus more each day in order to introduce students to Him.

RachelMy advice for those pursuing ministry would be to always feed yourself. You can't give it away unless you have it yourself. It's important to always be in prayer and to always be seeking to know God better. If God's love is abundant in your own life than you can share that love with others much more genuinely.

Do you have any questions for Elizabeth, Kelly or Rachel?  Email them to me, and we'll get them answered! 

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