Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday's Featured: Fav Emmy Dresses

Have you ever pretended it was you walking down the red carpet?

I hope I am not alone here!  When watching awards shows like the Emmys, I always wonder what that must be like, having the chance to dress up and primp.  Although I respect the actors for gracefully handling the pressure of all the cameras, I am not sure I would want to do it, myself...but the dressing up sure would be worth it.

My dear friend and old college roommate, Julie, was over last Sunday evening.  We spent a lovely night cooking, telling stories, and watching the Emmy Awards.  Julie and I had fun picking out our favorite dresses of the evening for this very post.

So here were our favorite dresses from that night--see if you agree!

Hayden Panettiere
She looks so lovely, almost like a mermaid...we loved the layers in this one!
Courtesy of hauteliving.com

Kerry Washington
The cut of this dress is so elegant and free-flowing, and we loved how it fell to the floor.
Courtesy of oohlalablog.com

Sarah Hyland
This one is just plain classy!  We especially loved the wrapping at the top of the dress.
Courtesy of bopandtigerbeat.com

Sometimes, one of the most fun things is getting all dressed up!  I think it's an ingrained part of how we were made as women by the Lord--He gave us the unique desire to enjoy being lovely.  When our beauty is ultimately given to God, we can fully embrace these desires, knowing they come straight from His heart and creative design.  

Which dress is your favorite?  Did you have another one in mind?  

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