Monday, September 3, 2012

Identity Embrace: Need Rest?

Go ahead, admit it.  
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You are not superwoman.  Neither am I.  We are not endless tanks of energy, with the capacity to pour out immeasurably.  Yet, we give more and more and more.  We work until beyond exhaustion.  

This defies our purpose as God's creation.  Does it make you thankful to hear that?  Just reading that makes me sigh in relief and want to collapse onto the coach into some serious stillness with Jesus.

Today is Labor Day.  Businesses close, people avoid work, and a spirit of relative rest overwhelms the country.  In honor of today, let us humbly admit that it is about time to turn off our engines and remember that we, too, need to choose rest.  

In fact, a restful spirit is a direct result of admitting that we need to slow down and be still (Psalm 46).  Just coming to terms with our fallibility and limited energy aids our ability to relax, breathe, and recharge.

Today, know that your identity as a woman of the Most High depends on your willingness to slow down, admit your humanness, and rest in presence of your energizing God.

Take another glance at the story of Mary and Martha (Luke 10:38-42).  Mary chooses "the better part".  Instead of finding more tasks to complete, she says "Yes" to Jesus.  She stops.  She sits still.  At His feet.

Let us humble ourselves today.  Let us embrace our identity as needy vessels of the Most High.  Let us rest, recharge, and be invigorated by His Presence.  

And let us honor our first moments of every day like we honor Labor Day.  

Where can you get alone with God today?  What is He asking you to lay at His feet?

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