Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday's Featured: Life Balance

Do you worship your work?

Do you work at your playing?

Do you play at your worship?
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Reading about these tendencies deeply convicted me the other day.  Life Coach Christopher McCluskey helps people with developing life balance: between worship, work, and play.  He believes our "balance" is mostly off-kilter and out-of-wack.    

Does anyone else out there have trouble turning off their "work brain" at night?  Does your worship sometimes feel half-hearted because your mind wanders?  Please tell me I am not alone!

This is me, especially as of late.  Life puts forth so many demands that it becomes difficult to stay fully present in each aspect of our days.  McCluskey says that our values are intimately related to our ability to balance: "There is balance in knowing why you are doing something--doing it--and then being done with it.  Know when to say no so you can say yes to the things that matter most."

Here are a few points on how to maintain a clearer life balance:

ONE: Designate your activities.  Write down three categories: Worship, Work, and Play.  Under each one, make a list of activities that need to stay within that specific category.  For example, under "work", I wrote "emails, classwork, job searching, etc".  Under play, I wrote, "reading, writing, resting, etc".

TWO: Set time limits.  It is easier to maintain a focus when time limits are clear.  For example, "After 5pm, the Internet goes off, and I will put away my work."  Or "Being still before the Lord will happen in the morning before anything else starts."

THREE: Find accountability.  Whether it's a family member, roommate, or friend, share your limits and designations with someone you trust.  Then, allow them to hold you responsible to your balance choices.

FOUR: Be flexible, and let God move.  As much as we plan, God sometimes has better plans for us.  Allow Him to change your designations or time limits, should He put that on your heart.  Flexibility is important for letting go of ultimate control.

How do you maintain life balance?  Share with us some other ways!  

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