Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Outpourings: Get Frustrated

When you encounter trials of various kinds, what is your first reaction?
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I read something today that really got me thinking...we should get frustrated with fear.

In Jesus Calling, the voice of Jesus says today, "TRUST ME, and don't be afraid.  I want you to view trials as exercises designed to develop your trust-muscles.  You live in the midst of fierce spiritual battles, and fear is one of Satan's favorite weapons.  When you start to feel afraid, affirm your trust in Me..."

Now, think about that question again: When you face trials, how do you react?

Today's reading got me thinking specifically about how I react to trials.  It opened my eyes to the vast amount of power and authority that rests in Christ, and that they are for my utilization when fear rears its ugly head.  Jesus gave us His authority and power over death--over fear--when He rose again.  

The realization:  We need to get frustrated today.  Downright frustrated when the enemy tries to use fear against use.  Frustrated to the extent that we send him packing with our affirmations of trust in our Heavenly Father, and our worship of Jesus.  Frustrated enough that we rebuke aloud the enemy in the strong Name of Christ.

The reading reveals three steps to overcoming fear:

ONE: Reframe your thinking.  Trials are not terrible things.  Sure, they feel and seem terrible in the moment, but trials are allowed to stretch us, grow us, and teach us (2 Peter 4:12-13).  They are "designed to develop your trust-muscles".  Renew your thoughts in this light, and see trials as the very avenues through which Jesus will strengthen you and conform you to His image.

TWO: Recognize fear.  When fear present itself, it somehow gets disguised as something "normal" or "natural", a human response.  Instead of seeing fear this way, let's get frustrated with it.  Fear is not from God; God is perfect love, and love drives out fear (1 John 4:18).  When fear arises, recognize it, get frustrated with its presence, and then rebuke it in the Name of Jesus.

THREE: Affirm your trust in God.  Whether in the silence of your heart or aloud, tell God that you trust Him.  Tell God that you love Him.  Tell God that you worship Him (Isaiah 12:2-3).  Remember all the ways God has rescued you in the past, and presently restate your trust in Him, knowing He always brings His children through the fire.  We might be refined in the process--but God is faithful in seeing us through to the end.

Which of these three steps resonates most with you?  How do you respond to fear?  


  1. Kristen, your insights are always beautiful, but this one seems especially inspired. :-) Thank you for reminding us all of this. Love you bunches!

    1. Leah, God is so good, isn't He? Thank you for your encouragement. I am glad His Word resonated with you today...let's go out and USE IT!

  2. I resonate with this SO OFTEN. I love that the reading speaks of "trust muscles" that we strengthen during trying times. Sometimes I forget I HAVE trust muscles to flex in my sinfulness.

    I find the third step most helpful during trouble. Meditating on the fact that God is who HE is through prayer, reading, or through a word from a friend helps to focus our attention on WHO is in control instead of worrying ourselves into forgetting. AMEN.

    1. Ah, yes...forgetting we actually HAVE trust muscles...I do that so often! I especially love what you pointed out about God sending us reminders of Himself through friends. I find that is a main vessel through which He speaks to my heart. Thanks, Julie!


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