Thursday, August 30, 2012

Noteworthy News: Memories of Katrina

“Once again we’re a stronger, more unified community because of it. And that’s the silver lining. You come out stronger."

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Connie Uddo of New Orleans gave this statement to the news team at NBC News, regarding the effects of the recent hurricanes upon her community.  She experienced Hurricane Katrina when it hit her city.  Furthermore, she watched its devastating effects upon the lives of many loved ones and neighbors.  

Uddo started St. Paul's Homecoming Center after clean-up began.  The refuge has been providing for the many people currently being affected by Hurricane Isaac.  

Read the article, "Isaac stirs up horrible memories for New Orleans residents".  

Please be praying for the New Orleans community, for the Lord to save, provide for, and work in the hearts of people like Connie, who will do great things to help those in need.  

Do you have any specific prayer requests?  

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