Friday, August 24, 2012

Funday Friday: Core Values

Imagine a core value being like an umbrella.
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Dr. Gary Collins writes that core values are like the umbrellas under which everything else in our lives "fits".

During these past few months, I have learned much about the importance--no, the necessity--of recognizing the unique values that drive our lives.  From the awareness and recognition of our values, we make decisions, follow-through faithfully, and prioritize.  A life vastly aware and focused on its core values stays more focused, experiences deep inner-peace, and makes decisions more aptly.

Have you taken any time to think about the core values that drive your life?  You will not be sorry if you do.  In fact, it may very well clarify many things for you.

Follow this link to Dr. Collins' website, to a resource titled "Identifying Values".  Another fun way to perform this exercise is the "narrow-down": start with twenty values, narrow them down to ten, then down to only five.  Those five are most likely the core values of your life.

Have fun doing this exercise--it will not return void, especially if you pray about the results!  And if you want to talk about your values, comment below or send me an email--it's one of my favorite topics to explore.  

What are your core values?  How might these values speak into your life?  


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