Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Funday: 29 Ways To Say "I LOVE YOU"

It's FRIDAY!  Let's celebrate LOVE today.  Just because we can.
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When I started thinking about today's post, I really wanted to write on ways to express love and kindness to those we care about: friends, family, and perhaps your significant other.  

Focusing our love on other people is not only the second greatest commandment, but it allows us to reframe our thinking with thoughts of service, compassion, and gratitude.  After a long week, I think a lot of us could use a bit of refocusing our thoughts and actions onto others!

Then, I opened Relevant Magazine's website, and BOOM!  There sat an article titled "29 Creative Ways to Say "I Love You"'.  Sure, it's from last February, but love is applicable each and every day!

Here are a few ideas from 29 Creative Ways to Say "I Love You", taken from Austin Sailsbury's article:

1. Share five minutes of uninterrupted eye contact. Creepy ... but definitely a memory.
2. Watch a sunset or sunrise together with your favorite indie rock anthem playing in the background and pretend you’re in a slightly obvious hipster film.
3. Call your parents and thank them for specific things they’ve done for you.
4. Pick out a book and read aloud together. Quality time together and the expansion of your individual/collective knowledge bases.
5. Set up a “media-free” day/evening so you can fully focus attention on a loved one.
6. Get fancy. It’s a classic, but dressing up and splurging on a friend or loved one is a timeless way to tell someone you care.
7. "Family Love Michael." Throw a surprise “We appreciate you!” party with close friends where everyone gives a short speech about why someone is loved.
8. Plan “the perfect date.” Do exactly what he or she loves to do, with no strings attached.
9. Rent an ice-skating rink. Play “Endless Love” over the PA, and have dinner at center ice.
10. Re-visit a first date or first meeting place and reminisce about what brought you together, what you’ve learned since and what you’re looking forward to together.
11. The Red Snuggie. Truly the gift that keeps on giving, all year long.
12. Make a handmade Valentine’s Day Card. Creative, frame-able and ultra-twee.
13. Write out an Alphabet of Appreciation. “You are A for Awesome, B for Beautiful, C for ...” (you get the idea).
14. Be a Merry Maid. Surprise a friend by cleaning their office, kitchen, car or bedroom—guaranteed to result in shock and awesome.
15. Babysit for free for that couple you know desperately needs a night out.
16. Be the Grocery Fairy. Most practical gift ever—surprise a friend with a week’s worth of fresh groceries.
17. FRESH. BAKED. COOKIES. Need we say more?
18. Knit something and give it away. Craftsmanship + generosity = LOVE (note: everyone loves mittens)
19. Mixtape 2012. Curating 12-15 hand-picked tracks for a friend or loved one says, “I care about you ... and the soundtrack to your life.”
20. Hand-write a letter explaining why you love someone—and be specific...
[Read the rest in Austin's article!...]
What are other ways to show others love?  Who is God telling you to reach out to today?

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