Monday, August 6, 2012

Identity Embrace: Fully Present

Don't look away.

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Every living, breathing day matters.

Have you ever been so consumed with ideas for the future that suddenly the present moment seems less appetizing? Have you ever been so excited about potential that today seems dull in comparison?

I have. This has been me the past several days, and I refuse to continue in this pattern. Why? It sucks the very delight out of NOW. And it restricts God to a box.

What box? The box of earthly capacity, crafted by our own limited human imagination. Now, this is not to say that God does not prompt visions of the future--He does. Look at Nehemiah. But when we take possession of these heavenly thoughts, by our own timing, we restrict God's imagination and power from openly moving in our lives at the present moment.

Don't we want more?  I, for one, want plenty more of God here and now.  And I know that God desires fullness of life in the present moment for each one of His children (John 10:10).  Looking forward is a good thing, but not when it strips our day to day of joy and focus.  

Today, let us embrace our identities as God's chosen people who were made to reflect the enduring presence of our Father, both today and tomorrow.  Let us gaze on His face and, in turn, reflect light (Matt. 6:22).  Let us pour out gratefulness that His Spirit is present here and now with us.  Let us make every single moment and breath count!

How do you stay focused on the present moment?  What else does God tell us about today being important?  

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