Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday's Featured: "Swimming's Rich Little Poor Girl"

Would you turn down a $73,000 reward?
Courtesy of thefarmradio.com
Colorado swimmer Missy Franklin did.  And that's after she swam her heart out to the earn the top prize in the FINA World Cup Series.  If you follow the London Olympics, you may have watched Franklin steal the gold in the 200-meter backstroke yesterday...and she is only 17 years old! 

Franklin has decided not to take cash prizes for her victories--because she badly wants to swim on a college team in the upcoming years.  Her parents support her wholeheartedly, but they also realize that a young swimmer's career is a short one and should be taken advantage of while it's working.

Read the Wall Street Journal article, "Swimming's Rich Little Poor Girl".

What is your opinion on this?  Would you turn down cash prizes, in favor of swimming on a college team?  

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