Thursday, July 12, 2012

Noteworthy News: Very Inspiring Blog Award!

God gives the sweetest gifts, doesn't He?
Today, I am humbled to share with you that The Identity Project has been nominated to receive the Very Inspiring Blog Award!  My lovely friend Tara (Treble in the Kitchen) nominated the blog, saying, "I love how inspiring your blog is and that you really are creating a community of women."  Thank you all for being the authentic community that Tara speaks of.  You hold a very dear place in my heart, and I am so utterly grateful that you are reading and sharing of yourselves each and every day.

It gets even better because, with the receiving of this award, The Identity Project has the honor of nominating fifteen other very inspiring blogs!  Tara also mentioned that the recipients should share seven interesting things about themselves in a post.  

So, here goes...

ONE: Songwriting is a passion of mine.  I love sitting down at the piano, in a silent space with no one else around, writing lyrics and a fitting, sweet melody to sing.  If you want a listen to my first round of tunes (written about two years ago), visit  

TWO: Swimming laps brings me to life!  Well, it is Jesus who brings me to life, but the endorphins are not all that bad, either.  I recently started swimming at the Astoria Park pool, and it's super motivating because everyone is there for the same purpose.  There is nothing more exhilarating than a solid 30-minute swim.

THREE: I have lived in NYC for almost one solid year.  The past 10.5 months have flown by, and I cannot believe how much change has taken place since I moved.  Everything in this city is heightened: the good is great, and the hard is very difficult.  But I am so glad I made the move!
My roommates, Liz and Caitlin
FOUR: Frozen yogurt and peanut butter are my favorite foods.  Put them together, and I am one happy girl.  In fact, a new frozen yogurt parlor opened in my neighborhood this week, so I will need to practice some major self-restraint from this day forward.

FIVE: I am terribly afraid of heights...but I also have conquered some of the fear!  In eighth grade, I rappelled down a small mountain in Colorado, and just last year in Belize, I jumped off a cliff into water.  Both times, I was confident my heart would pop out of my chest, but I 
A bunch of the ladies after jumping off the cliff in Belize!
SIX: I have traveled to Europe twice.  Once with my mom (what a thing to share with her!), and once in college for three weeks.  But I have not been to either Paris or London, so I hope to go back someday.
At the Trevi Fountain in Rome!
SEVEN: The last two summers I performed in theme park shows.  The first summer, I lived near the Twin Cities, singing at Valleyfair.  And one year ago, I was living in Hershey, PA, performing onstage at Hersheypark.  Great memories.
The cast of Crystal Sneakers, SRO Associates at Hersheypark, 2011
Coming next Thursday will be part two of the Very Inspiring Blog Award: 15 Blog Nominations!  

Thank you all for reading the blog, for loving Jesus, and for being the amazing women that you are! 

What blogs do you love?  What is an interesting fact about yourself?

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