Friday, July 6, 2012

Funday Friday: Creative Quiet Times

Our God is one creative God!
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It amazes me how uniquely He fashioned every single one of His children from scratch.  No two of us are alike.  Different personalities, communication styles, spiritual gifts, and strengths and weaknesses abound in each one of us.  Amazing!

Because of the way we are uniquely crafted, each of us, as a result, communicates with our Savior in a personal, set-apart way.  Hearing about how different people worship God, pray, and abide is so interesting--it is a case study in God's amazing ability to knit together a diverse Body.

I admit that every day I am still working out how God would uniquely meet with me during our time together.  God's presence is a given--He is always waiting and willing to rest with me (and you!).  But sometimes, I have trouble focusing, trouble praying, and most certainly trouble being still before Him.

I love Joanna Weaver's book Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World (I mean, I have only blogged about it ten times!).  She has a section about staying creative with your quiet times, as each person interacts in a different way with God.  I wanted to share this section of her book, featuring five suggestions for creative quiet times:

"If you've found yourself yawning during devotions-or just eager for a change-you may want to consider the following suggestions for creative intimacy with God."

ONE: Take God out for coffee. Find a quiet corner in a cafe or even McDonald's and meet with God. Take your Bible and a notebook. Grab a cup of coffee and you're set for a heart-to-heart with your very Best Friend.

TWO: Put feet to your faith. Take a walk with God! Praise Him for His handiwork. Listen to the Bible or a sermon on tape. Pray. Your body and spirit will appreciate the workout.

THREE: Journal your journey. Keep a spiritual diary. Record thoughts as you meditate on Scripture. Write love notes to the Lord.

FOUR: Hide the Word. Memorizing Scripture plants the Word of God deep in your heart. Write down on sticky notes and take them with you to practice.

FIVE: Come before Him with singing. Add music to your devotions. Use a prasie tape or sing a cappella. Read a hymn out loud.

What is your favorite way to meet with God?  How does God most clearly speak to you?

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