Friday, July 20, 2012

Friday Funday: Rainy Day Glories

A unexpected rainy day has GREAT potential.

Many areas of our nation are in deep need of rain right now, the drought initiating forest fires, lowering river levels, killing crops, and ultimately affecting entire communities (read about the details here).  So, I would encourage everyone to take a moment right now to pray for these various communities.

Not only do we need the rain to quench the thirst of our dry lands, rain also has the potential to draw out the creativity planted deeply within each of us...why, you ask?  Because that unexpected rainy day changes our outdoor plans, inviting us to dream up some fun, spontaneous ways to spend the day inside!

This Friday (Rainy) Funday, here are a few ideas for creating spontaneous fun indoors:

ONE: Take your workout INSIDE.  Download a workout app on your phone, pull up some fitness videos online, or make it up as you go!  My recent favorite iPhone app is called Nike Training Club, and it offers many options from 15-minute focused workouts to 30-minute circuits.  Choose your level, and get exercising!  Just because it is raining outside does not mean the endorphins need to have the blues.
Courtesy of Nike
TWO: Host an informal movie night.  Invite friends over for a movie, pop some popcorn, laugh a lot, and enjoy the benefits of a lazy evening indoors.  You could even make indoor s'mores: spread marshmallow Fluff and Nutella on graham crackers (sans campfire)...or try using the oven or microwave.
Courtesy of Very Best Baking
THREE: Be a bookworm.  You know that book you've been wanting to start reading that is still sitting lonely on your shelf?  Tonight is the night to crack open that baby and read to your heart's delight!  Enjoy the solitude of a good read while the rain patters on the window.  My favorite book series is The Mark of the Lion by Francine Rivers.
Courtesy of Francine Rivers
FOUR: Play Martha Stewart.  I love using rainy days as an "excuse" to finish indoor projects I can never seem to accomplish otherwise!  Clean out that refrigerator, reorganize that messy closet, and sort through your clothes and shoes.  Start a "brainstorming wall" or "prayer board" on a blank wall somewhere in your room or home--I love pinning ideas and prayers in a special, designated place.
Courtesy of homemade projects
FIVE: Snatch up some serious quiet time.  If your plans have gotten cancelled, use this peace and quiet to meet with the Lord, and allow the Holy Spirit to capture your heart with the Word.  Soak up the stillness of the room, the sweet whispers of your God, who gave you the rain!
Courtesy of freedigitalphotos
What is your favorite way to spend a rainy day? 

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