Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Outpourings: Who, Me?

Do you ever wonder why people act so surprised when you call them by name?

I once was checking out at the grocery, and I called the employee by name and said "thank you".  You would have thought I had three eyes by the way she looked at me.

In this earthly life, our names identify us.  They are an important part to our growing up, moving forward and understanding our relationship to those around us.

But what about when Jesus calls us by name?

There are eternal implications at work.  Your eternal identity is established.

Who is God? Our Rock, Redeemer, Savior, Friend, Father, Comforter, and Guide.  Many more titles make up God's name and character.  Who are you? You are HIS.

I have trouble fathoming this at moments. Christ, despite all His perfection and right to stay in the comfy, perfect heavenlies, chose to descend and live, breathe, and feel ALL that I experience as a human. Then, he laid aside what was rightfully His in favor of healing our relationship, restoring the Love that He wanted us to experience together all along.

We have a new identity. We are His. He calls us by name. He desires our love, and if we seek Him we shall find Him. That is His promise.

Today, bask in the wonder that the Almighty God calls you by name. Your identity is wrapped up in Him alone.  

Today's Outpouring:  As you go about your day, look for chances to call a stranger by name, and show them the love of God through this simple, yet profound, gesture.

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