Thursday, June 28, 2012

Noteworthy News: Matt Grevers London-Bound!

Please forgive the bragging that is sure to ensue in this blog post, but I simply cannot help myself!

My cousin-to-be, Olympic medalist Matt Grevers, swam his way to the 2012 London Olympics last night--in the second fastest time ever in the event's history.  My dear, sweet, strong cousin, Annie Chandler (Matt's finance), also swam her heart out this season, making it to the final night of trials for the 100-meter breaststroke.  I'd say it was a successful season for them both, and I could not be more proud to call them family!

Read an interview about Annie here--gives you more insight into her competitor's spirit and creative mind!

I am even more proud of the light they shine to everyone carefully observing their lives, both individually and as a nationally-followed couple.  They walk with such grace and humility, despite attention, worldly success, and admiration.  To stay grounded after having accomplished so many goals makes our God smile in delight--and I know He is smiling on them both right now.

And the best part is...they are getting married next year!  Details are yet to come, but one thing I do anticipate: Getting to reunite with all my extended family members at their wedding, soaking up everyone's presence that now has become a rare commodity in the hectic pace of our adult lives.  Let the countdown begin!

If you haven't watched Matt's proposal to Annie, watch below.  It's too wonderful, and my heart melts when I see my dear cousin's reaction (I just watched it again and starting tearing up)!

What do you think of Matt's proposal to Annie?  Are you planning on watching the London Olympics?

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