Monday, June 11, 2012

Identity Embrace: extraORDINARY

It is another ordinary Monday.

Or is it?

I get the sense this morning that no day is ordinary.  Not when you are actively walking with the God of the universe.  Nope.  Every single day, although veiled in ordinary tasks, speaks of God's extraordinary qualities and His abounding love for you.  That, my friends, is far from ordinary.

Yet, how often do we feel ordinary?  How often do the days seem to lack excitement?  How often do we ask, "God, what AM I doing here?"  My guess is, often.  But God speaks a different truth to our hearts today.  He says, "No day with Me is truly ordinary."

We read in John 21 about Jesus' third appearance to His disciples after overcoming the grave.  They are fishing, to no avail, and they do not recognize Jesus standing on the shore.  Doesn't this seem odd?  The Savior of the world stands before them, yet they cannot recognize Him.  The disciples go about their ordinary work, and their ability to discern Jesus' presence fades to the background.

Soon, Jesus gets involved, asking them if they had caught any fish.  After they recognize Jesus' presence there, the catch is too heavy and generous for them to haul!  John says to Peter, "It is the Lord!".  After receiving God's blessings, after recognizing the work Jesus was doing in their midst, the men's eyes were opened to the presence of God.  How has God been working around you, trying to get your attention?  

Finally, Jesus makes breakfast.  That's right.  His followers of three years, the men who should know Him best, fail to recognize Him at first--yet Jesus blesses their ordinary acts and then proceeds to make them breakfast.  Jesus gives and gives of Himself.  He loves and continues to love.

Embrace today the real Truth that Jesus pursues you to no end.  He pursues and fights for you.  He will do whatever it takes to get you to listen.  To get you to stop.  To get you to accept the fact that nothing can alter the Truth of His Love.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  It cannot be changed.

Even in the ordinary of days, the ordinary of tasks, Jesus invites us to seek Him and His purpose for our lives.  Ask Him.  Soon, it becomes clear that no day is truly ordinary--but extraordinary.  Jesus is the God of every moment.  Let us embrace Him and His pursuit of us in the ordinary moments of today.

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