Saturday, June 30, 2012

Funday Saturday: Throwing an Effortless Get-Together

What are YOU doing this weekend?  

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It's a great weekend to practice the gift of hospitality, as the Fourth of July is right around the corner!  Romans 12:13 says, "When God's people are in need, be ready to help them."  Hospitality can mean providing for wanderers, strangers, and a needy friend.  It can also mean opening up your home to gather people!

Hospitality does not mean that every detail has to be perfect; it means that you are willing to create a warm, inviting place where people can experience fellowship and rest.  It sounds to me like it's more the work of the Holy Spirit to ultimately bring people together than it is our own efforts.

As the Fourth approaches, as we celebrate our country, ponder some ideas for gathering a group of people together in celebration, rest, and fun.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

Meet at a public place.  Encourage everyone to bring a dish to share and celebrate "potluck style".  This eliminates having to fit people inside your house, prepare the menu "to a tee", and arrange a perfect plan.  There is no perfect plan!  So find a nearby park, lake, or similar venue and encourage friends and family to gather there.

Provide the space--but throw a potluck.  Perhaps you love opening up your home, but time and budget will not allow you to cook and prepare the entire spread.  Ask friends and family to bring a dish to share!  You could even choose a theme, like Italian Night, Mexican, American, Dips, or Finger-Foods.

"Bring Your Own _____".  Fire up that barbecue this weekend!  But ask everyone to "bring their own meat".  Other versions of this could be "bring your own drink", "bring your own side dish", or "bring your own dessert".

Throw a picnic party.  This way, everyone can bring whatever meal they prefer, without any pressure!  Stake out an area at a park, throw down several blankets, and enjoy each other's company.  I love the stress-free nature of this get together!

So, what are YOU doing this weekend?  I'd love to hear about your Fourth of July plans!

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