Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Featured: Summer Bible Studies

Have you ever been part of a small group or Bible study that changed your life?  

I know I have, and I end up so grateful for God speaking through these engagements and sources.  Perhaps you have never been involved in studying the Word or in a small group setting, but you are very interested in adding it to your schedule this summer...

Here are there on Tuesdays, look out for featured Bible studies, small groups, outings, and events for women of all ages to join.

Here are my two picks for today's feature:

Courtesy of MargaretFeinberg.com

Margaret Feinberg's The Organic God Summer Book Club & Bible Study kicked off yesterday--but it's not too late to order your copy and join the group!  Watch a DVD session each week, read a couple of chapters in the book, and record your thoughts.  Then, join together online to reflect with other women on the topics discussed in the book.  Margaret's website says that 30 states are already involved...be that one person to register your state today!  Check out the summer study at Margaret's website.

Courtesy of WomenofFaith.com

Women of Faith's ONE DAY events offer women the chance to delve deeply into the Bible, listen to speakers, laugh often, and love much.  It is endures literally for one day, so do not miss the event coming to your city!  Take a look here at the list of events to see if your city is included!

What summer Bible studies and events do you want to share with us?  What are your plans to get involved this summer?

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