Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Featured Cause: The Bowery Mission


The bright red door of the Bowery Mission signifies a very special place for many people, especially the women of Heartsease Home in New York City.

I wanted to feature the Bowery today because I have seen their Kingdom work in action.  I have met the ladies whose lives have been transformed by Christ's healing and love.  I have encountered the warm environment in which they live, study, rest, and play.  There truly is nothing quite like transformation in action.

Read a story about Amy's life change here.  Amy is a true sweetheart and so gentle.

When I first entered Heartease Home a few months ago, the career center leader explained to me that The Bowery Mission Women's Center is the only faith-based women's recovery program in the city.  I could not believe it.  So many people, and only one center for recovering women?  Would you join me in prayer that other options would be raised up so that lives can continue to be transformed and healed?

Take some time and explore their website.  Perhaps there is a something similar in your city or town.  How can we all get involved?  There is nothing sweeter, it seems, than genuine female fellowship, a kind word spoken, saying, "You are worthy of love!".  Let's reach out and share God's love with the ladies around us.

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