Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sweet Girl Time

I spent some time today with my good friend Lisa (we met in high school and have been friends for almost a decade...I can't believe that!).  We laid out an old blanket by Crystal Lake, unpacked our lunches, and talked for a couple of hours.  The sun was shining, and it was one of those sweet, precious moments I'll never forget.  I love spending time with the people in my life, especially the women I have had the gift of walking with for years and years.  What are your favorite pastimes involving friends?


  1. One of my favorite things to do is bake cupcakes with good friends!

  2. Definitely agree with the baking! So often I feel like kids nowadays (wow I sound old) rush off to the movies rather than spending quality time with each other over activities or good food! I'm not saying I don't enjoy chilling out to a movie with a friend, but I gotta have more than that!
    I really enjoy experiences with friends- roller coasters, new food, or just experiencing each others lives with some good solid talk time!

  3. I love doing things like talking over coffee or a meal, going for a drive, sitting around a bonfire or watching the sun go down, and three way calling :) (Sadly, I don't know of anyone that does that anymore)

  4. I am a huge fan of drinking coffee and chatting with the girls, especially in the morning. I have also been loving a Bible Study on Ecclesiastes that my old room mate and I have been doing over skype. It's great to get back in community with her, especially since I feel like so many of us ladies in our early 20s are lacking that.


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