Friday, May 25, 2012

Pack Your Mary Poppins Bag

It's Memorial Day weekend!  How did arrive here so quickly?  Summer is kicked off this weekend, as friends and family relax, take a day off work, and celebrate the turn of seasons together.  

What are YOU doing this weekend?

My family is getting ready to make a trip via train into the city of Chicago.  We are already talking about what we need to pack to make our trip more comfortable...I, for one, know the horrors of the ten-pound purse weighing unhealthily upon my shoulder as I trudge through city streets.  So, I must ask myself, What do I really need when heading out for a day in the city?  I hope to take this little lesson back to New York with me...because, ladies, this girl's shoulder needs a break!  Who's with me?  

Triangle City Bag: Great for your back, and comes in cute colors, too.

1.  Wallet: Bring the necessary cards only, some cash, some form of identification.  Leave all those discount cards and punch cards home.  Avoid the "but I might use this punch card" mentality.  Unless you're planning on grabbing that coffee, you most likely will not use that punch card.  

2.  Keys:  You'll need to get inside your house at the end of the day.  'Nough said. 

3.  Phone: The lovely thing about today's phones, if Internet-accessible, is that they function as navigators, search engines, and communicators alike.  No need to bring that sprawling paper map (unless you dig that sort of thing).

4.  Hydration: Tote along some form of water, whether in an "adult sippy cup" (those mini reusable bottles), or a regular sized one.  You never know how long you could be away from a water source.

5.  Nourishment: If you know you plan on being gone for hours at a time, grab a portable snack.  Good solution for instant hunger, and it saves you five bucks as you avoid the snack cart and coffee shop.

6.  Sunglasses: Save your eyes on sunny days.  They will thank you.


What do you suggest toting along for a day in the city?  

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  1. If it is as hot as it has been, you'll definitely need sunblock!


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