Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Outpourings: Standing Firm

Happy Wednesday, ladies!  You have made it to mid-week (and after a long weekend, it seemed rather easy, didn't it?).  

From now on, our Wednesday posts will be called Outpourings.  Thanks to the reader who suggested centering a post around living out a Christ-focused challenge and call in our daily lives!  It is truly something invaluable that God desires for our day-to-day living--staying focused on His Love, poured out, and then letting it transform us from the inside out.

I had a setback yesterday, and it made me mad.  For months, I have been praying about developing a secure heart and a solid sense of my identity as Christ's daughter.  Just when I least expected it, though, the enemy attacked, and it momentarily defeated me.  However, we know Who our firm foundation is, and we can call upon the Lord to fight for us at any given moment!

While reading Ephesians 6 about the armor of God, I ran across this nifty chart in my NLT Bible:

Belt of Truth:  Satan fights with lies.  We rest in God's truth.

Breastplate of Righteousness:  Satan attacks our hearts.  God's righteousness ensures His approval of us.

Shoes of the Good News:  Satan hates the spread of God's Word.  God motivates us to share the peace we have within us.

Shield of Faith:  Satan throws fiery arrows of setbacks and defeat.  God gives us His perspective.

Helmet of Salvation:  Satan throws doubt in our face.  God gives us the mind of Christ.

Sword of the Spirit:  God's offense, the Word of Truth, which we can recite over every lie.

Today's Outpouring:  What aspect of God's armor can you pray about wearing today?  Choose a particular verse to use as your offense, when the enemy attempts to defeat you.  


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  1. I feel overwhelmed by the amount of protection that God's Word offers us! I think I struggle mostly with protecting my mind and emotions from attack. My verses of choice:

    Ephesians 1:13-14 says, "And now you have heard the truth, the Good News that God saves you. And when you believed in Christ, he *identified* you as his own by giving you the Holy Spirit, whom he promised long ago. The Spirit is God's guarantee that he will give us everything he promised..."

    2 Corinthians 10:4 says, "We use God's mighty weapons, not mere worldly weapons, to knock down the Devil's strongholds."

    Matthew 16:18 says, "Upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it."


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