Friday, May 18, 2012

Call On Your God

He brought me out into a broad place; 

he rescued me, because he delighted in me.

I am struggling at this moment with trusting God's best for my life.  The only reason I struggle is because I cannot see what is just beyond that bend in the road...the one juuuuust ahead.  I pray and pray for provision and answers for a specific part of my life...and I get so discouraged that I fail to see how God is providing.  For example, "God, I really need you to provide another, today."  What I fail to miss, most likely, is God speaking, "Beloved, look around you and see the people who are directly in front of you.  I have provided them for today...Also, my child, take a quick journey to your past--do not get stuck there--but find Me there.  Recall how, despite your discouragement even then, I provided for your every need.  I AM."  

God provided insight and truth through Psalm 18 today.  If you have a moment right now, or even later in the day, please read it; it's breath-taking.  After reading, I broke down the sections like this:

*v. 4-6 MY BATTLE
*v. 7-15 GOD'S HEART
*v. 31-36 GOD'S POWER
*v. 37-50 GOD'S JUSTICE 

God seems to overtake every battle that would threaten to consume me!  And my favorite verse of all: "He delivered me because He delighted in me."  Daughter of God, He delivers you because He delights in you!  Let us not get trapped in what so easily ensnares us; let us trust the God who willingly laid Himself down for our sake, who loves us without a doubt, for our good.  Amen?  Amen.

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  1. Lately, I have really been reflecting on the words, " Thy will be done". The struggle that I face is trusting that God's plan is ultimately the best plan. I like being in control of my life but need to stop and remember that God is in charge of all.


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