Saturday, April 14, 2012

Saturday's Quotation

"If we have experienced regeneration, we must not only talk about the experience...We have to show it in our fingertips, in our tongue, and in our bodily contact with other people...The question of forming habits on the basis of the grace of God is a very vital one.  To ignore it is to fall into the snare of the Pharisee--the grace of God is praised, Jesus Christ is praised, the Redemption is praised, but the practical everyday life evades working it out.  If we refuse to practice, it is not God's grace that fails when a crisis comes, but our own nature.  When the crisis comes we ask God to help us but He cannot if we have not made our nature our ally.  The practicing is ours, not God's.  God regenerates us and puts us in contact with all His divine resources, but He cannot make us walk according to His will."

Oswald Chambers

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