Thursday, April 5, 2012

It Is Done

If the key is to live in simplicity, then why do I make it so hard?

As I am going through a time of healing currently, I am pouring myself into reading more about God's love for me (and all His children).  But what occurred to me yesterday is that, although I can read about God's immense love, understanding and grasping it is another thing entirely.  The love of God, unlike any other reality and truth, is there for the taking, the reveling-in, the enjoying, the soaking-up, the resting-within, the is everything and completely free for us (though costly for the Father).

Not only is God's love free for us who choose it, it is freedom.  I have been asking, seeking, knocking, striving, trying and struggling to answer the question, "Lord, what am I supposed to do with my life?  How will You use me for Your purposes?"  Although this question is completely legitimate, what I fail to realize is that I base my notion for significance upon doing something great for the Lord and living purposefully.  This is backwards.  I already have significance.  I already have purpose.  I already am His.  I already am somebody.  I am somebody to love.  

So, instead of me standing at one level and trying to reach up and grasp some level of giftedness or purpose, I actually am standing on the mountain of God's great love and purpose, which makes me who I am, and I freely pour out from within all the gifts and blessings I have been given!  I cannot help it!  God's love is IT.  He has already told us that we are enough.  Because we are His, we no longer have to prove anything.  We no longer have to figure out our purpose--He IS your purpose and identity.  This is freedom!  It's already done.    

One of my favorite truthful thoughts to meditate on is "I have nothing to prove".  Just as God told John, He tells you and me, "YOU are the one that I love.  You have nothing to prove."  

My prayer is that my understanding and grasp of God's Love penetrates more deeply within my soul every day.  I pray the same for you.  I pray that freedom of Love allows our lives to become more simplistic, as we allow our true validation in God alone to free us from doing too much, too much on our own abilities.  YOU are the one Jesus loves.  


  1. Kristen, reading this today really changed my perspective on love, and acceptance. You are right, when you said, "This is backwards. I already have significance. I already have purpose. I already am His. I already am somebody. I am somebody to love." TRUE! We cannot prove anything to Him...We are loved by Him, and He is firm!

  2. This blessed me today - thank you


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