Friday, April 27, 2012

Got Community?

Dear friends, what a week this has been!  The Lord has been so intentional with the timing of His works in my own life, as I know He has been in your lives.  Whether those things manifest themselves in wonderful, joyful occurrences, or in difficult, trying circumstances, we rest assured that God is a magnificent, sovereign, and mighty God, who works on the behalf of His children.  He wants only to give us good things (Matthew 7:11).

I am learning of the power of community.  I feel like community, as God's vessel, manifests itself in many forms, and has been teaching me a multitude of lessons:  
  • Firstly, there is nothing that fills me and gives me a glimpse of the Kingdom of God than sharing a meal or a cup of coffee with another person.  Especially interesting is when God prompts us to spend our quality time getting to know someone completely new.  I have been immensely blessed by conversation, prayer, and laughter this past week and I sense God smiling on our our choices to interact together.

  • Secondly, I have been blessed by gifts of time and service.  I think that God is pleased when His people offer to help one another, pray for one another, and walk together.  Doesn't it feel amazing and fill you with warmth when someone reaches out to you, simply to relay that they are thinking of you in that moment?  A "discipline" that I have being growing excited about (and it truly is so simple) is the act of sending out small encouraging text messages to people.  I, myself, love it when people drop me a phone message, just to pour their love into my life.

  • And lastly, God is teaching me how important, how vital, is our ability and willingness to bear our hearts before Him and before our brothers and sisters.  If I put on a mask, build up walls, and pretend like I have it all together (which I can be very good at doing), I deprive myself of God's purposeful gift of community--true, raw, and real.  He intends for us to meet each other at our deepest places of need because we were not meant to be alone.  This is a beautiful reality--that if I bare my vulnerabilities, casting aside fear for the sake of trusting God's design--something greater is at work.  (Of course we need to be wise in who we bare our hearts to, seeking God's leading and making sure it's a safe situation).  But man alive, the Kingdom of God comes to life in a room full of people praying together!

I wanted to share this short video my roommate sent me.  "How Great Is Our God" at the Passion conference is a tangible picture of God's community around the world, all worshiping Him at one time, with one heart.  Enjoy.

How has community impacted your life?  

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