Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Book Recommendation

I have always disliked the question "What is your favorite book/movie/show/actor/etc?", simply because I have such trouble narrowing down my options!  I find so many titles exhilarating, and for a variety of reasons, which makes me believe it is perfectly adequate to answer, "I don't have one favorite book/movie/show/actor/etc?  I have a few favorites...".  Whether or not that is a decent answer is for another day, but for right now, I want to put forth the statement that I think I found my favorite book.  Of course, the Bible is the book of all books, so the aforementioned book would be in a subsequent category.

You Were Made For Love
by Philip Carlson

It has taken me a number of weeks to read through the entire book, as each sentence requires some serious rumination (I did not know that God could grant an author the ability to compose such truth-filled, deep thoughts).  If you decide to read, please take your time.  I think I will start it again, actually, and make my way through it once more.  You Were Made For Love examines our human need for love, clarifies what active love looks like, and challenges us to see how love grows.  God clarified my lack of capacity to understand His Love through this book, and I can honestly say that I have been brought to a deeper desire to live in and out of God's love.  Not simply to know that God is loving, but to register His character so innately as He works through my heart and mind that His love becomes the whole of me.  A beautiful friend of mine said last week, "You know, Kristen, it's like we know this stuff (points to head), but we don't get this stuff (points to heart)."  I want to get this stuff.  I want to get God's love and have it transform me from the inside out.  Who's with me?

If you feel it on your heart to read, please do so!  Find a library or use Amazon or borrow a friend's.  To close, here are some of Philip Carlson's words from his book:

"Jesus has invited us to take up our cross and follow him into a life of meaningful and sacrificial service, but we cannot do what he asks unless we first make the decision to live as apprentices, following and learning, seeking to be possessed by his kind of love.  Will we follow Jesus into costly obedience and radical discipleship motivated by love?...Will we say, "Jesus, I'll do anything you want me to do with my life," offering ourselves to God in radical, world-changing commitment?"

Sit on that question today: Will we allow Jesus to do anything He wants to do with our lives?  

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  1. I've heard of this book before but have never read it, now I know for sure it's a must read :)
    -Ashley (your Nebraska connection)


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