Monday, April 9, 2012

Add It To Your Movie List...

After a few months of hearing that Sherwood Pictures' newest film Courageous was one worth watching, I finally experienced it for myself.  And believe me, it is worth watching.  The movie speaks of the Biblical call for men to truly be who God intended them to be: unafraid even in the most trying of times, integrity-filled when tested, gentle, steadfast examples, intentionally involved in their family's lives.  The featured men are police officers whose commonality is fighting crime--but even deeper is the fight for their manhood, and the question of how fathers ultimately speak into the lives of their wives and children.  Watch the trailer below:

If any of you have seen this movie, you know that the men create a Resolution, based on studying Scripture.  They sign the Resolution in the presence of their families and loved ones, vowing never to cave when times get tough (as they put it, to never "take their hands off the wheel").  I wonder how we, as women, can approach the Father about our deepest roles and responsibilities? 

What "resolutions" can we make about being fully the women that God intends us to be?  What steps can we take today toward praying to be one with our Creator and His mission for our lives and relationships? 

I would also love any comments you may have on the movie, itself!  And if you have not yet watched Courageous, rent it this week and be convicted and changed (can be found at Redbox).

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  1. OH how I loved this movie! What a wonderful message to men, women, and their families. The scene with the father and daughter dancing in the grass just GOT me. OH MAN TEARS CITY.

    This movie gives such great examples of what God can truly do in your life if you let him!!


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