Sunday, February 19, 2012


As a 23-year-old Christ follower, the issue of my true, lasting identity has been unceasingly impressed upon my mind as of late.  My limited, yet plenty-full life experience is emanating a longing that nothing here on earth can satisfy.  This is completely new to me...this...craving for something more, the stirring idea that maybe, just maybe, I’ve been missing something important.  Something life-altering.  Something having to do intricately with the fullness of life that Christ promises us in John 10.  Who doesn’t want abundant life?  

This craving, though, is not the only one that I am experiencing.  Simultaneously, I have felt a deep desire to meet with other women.  Women who are older, women who are younger; women who are wiser, women who long for more wisdom; women who are leading others in the Word, women who desire more of the Word.  

Ladies, I feel an urge inside.  I think it’s time we try to answer the question Who Am I?  Who does the Lord say I am?  And how can we, as daughters of the King, wrestle with these life-altering questions together?  

My hope is that women around communities, around the country, and even women around the world will visit this blog and boldly compose their thoughts about our identities in Christ.  I also pray that, eventually, we women will use this blog community to form a more tangible community in our neighborhoods, meeting together in person.  

But for now, let’s start here.  Let’s ask questions, and let’s answer them.  Let’s unite in our identities as women who God intentionally created to give Him glory and to do His work.

Let’s call this The Identity Project.  

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